Great review of This School is Driving Me Nuts

School is driving me nuts cover 4There’s a great review of This School is Driving Me Nuts, in Reading Time Online.

Here’s an extract:

There is a good dose of vaudeville in many of the jokes too, including an especially adventurous extension of the fly in the soup joke. Lots of word play. There are plays set in gangster worlds, in royal palaces , in a Mongolian Yak tent, there is a Dracula parody and much more. This book is more fun to read than you expect it to be, and once you’ve read it, you will be wanting to see some of these plays up on a stage. They constitute a thorough course in how to do comedy. Highly recommended for the theatrical, the demonstrative, the budding comedian, and anyone who enjoys a joke. 9 to 13 years.

You can read the whole thing here.